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is most known as MILLAH.

A woman that dedicated her life to Art, unstoppable she became a Singer, Song Writer, Music Co- Producer, Actress, Dancer, Presenter, Director, Film Producer, Acting Coach and Entrepreneur.  But behind the “Artist” was always the “Healer”, guiding people through their spiritual path, guiding them to self-healing and facilitating the meeting with their true-selves.


Her journey started with Acting, Dancing and TV Presenting at a very young age. She was only 19 years old when she decided to leave her country and go after her dreams, she went to live and study in London - UK. This helped her gain international popularity. From 16 to 23 years old, she spent those years studying different perspectives of acting from 3 different countries; Brazil, England and the United States. As a great student and a very curious person about the human ways of expressing and being, she developed an acting method based in awareness, consciousness and development. This acting technique mixes Psychology, Meisner Technique and Stanislavski. She majored in major schools such as New York Film Academy, Metropolitan Film School, Vocal Tech School and Trinity Laban of Dance.


Back in Brazil in 2009, she worked in many Brazilian TV Commercials, TV Shows, print Adds and also opened an Acting school called MB ACADEMY. For 3 years she coached actors around her country, where she learned the most about acting. She directed and produced short films and also directed a National TV show called “Country Shop” for 2 years.

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In 2013, she landed the lead role as (Nicola) in the British film called "3 Woman" by Mark Grey (film available  today on Amazon Prime). After London she found herself in a deep spiritual experience, an Awakening, and she decided to unite the “awakening” experience with a new “ Art Path” music side.


Her music career started in 2013, and this is where her light really shined. Music became her spirituality, she released her first song and video clip, "You are still in my mind" by (Rey Vercosa). This song got so good that it appears on the soundtrack on the American Film "A long way off" from Uptone Pictures. Since then, her career expanded positively. In 2014 she released an EP, the result was singing to big crowds like 30K / 20K of people in Brazil territories.

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In early 2015, her second EP takes shape with songs "You Are Still In My Mind" (Rey Vercosa) remix of (Fernando DeepLick), "Awakening "(Fernando DeepLick)  and "All Night Long "(Lenx & Denx), and it was with the producer and DJ Fernando DeepLick that Millah established in 2016 the partnership for the production of her third EP -" Inside Your Mind " with remixes by (Mario Fischetti & Tada Martin and Padz), the song was released by the Austro / Som Livre label.


Through this beautiful journey Millah has written more than 50 songs, so she decided to produce a whole album 100% authorial. The album was launched at the end of 2017 , EU SOU / I AM. The launch show was very successful, and happened at (Burlesque Paris 6) in São Paulo - BR. With songs completely copyrighted, the singer’s new work has 10 tracks, five in Portuguese and five in English. The album was produced by Fernando DeepLick, one of the most influential pop and electronic scenes of today’s time, responsible for producing such artists as Tiago Iorc, Carlinhos Brown, Claudia Leitte, Wanessa and Gabriel Pensador.

Millah and Fernando DeepLick have developed several works together. They look for different timbres and the intention to bring new vibrations. This sound may surprise not only the Brazilian musical scene but also the international scene. Millah is also known for bringing her keen spirituality to her songs, always bringing messages of conscience and envolve a better world, so Millah has stood out in the international scene as “The music from the soul”.

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Inside the Album you will also find on the song “Imagination” a special participation of the American singer Mikey Wax, who stood out in the American scene with his hit "You Lift Me Up". The choice to make an album in two languages is a reflection of the many years that Millah worked and studied abroad. 

"This CD is very special. First of all, it could not happen if it wasn't for my producer’s sensitivity to capture the essence of things, of what was 'raw' inside of me, but full of emotions and images and non-technical figures to be expressed. He managed to capture their energy in a very beautiful way, exporting the musicality that was inside me, "  the singer said. Find awareness, consciousness and healing in the lyrics translated in pop, pop rock, pop reggae, electronic music and even Brazilian funk.

"It is this diversity that makes me. And overall, I'm all that and EU SOU / I AM  came from this consciousness."


The album EU SOU / I AM was encouraged by the São Paulo Culture Secretariat - ProAC (Brazilian Government) and Açúcar Guarani.

In 2017, the singer recorded the video clip of the track "UM SOM" from her album EU SOU / I AM in the North Carolina - USA, by Uptone Pictures, directed by Michael Davis and Kim Leitch. The videoclip went to National TVs all over Brazil, earning also quite a hearing on YouTube.


In the following year she released 3 remixes from the song "VEM ME NAMORAR" (Portuguese), being one of them contracted with Universal Music  -  LIBOO. The remixers are: Dj Bruno Campos and Renan Marques, Dj Diefentaler and Dj Romano. The remixes are very successful on digital platforms.


In 2018 Millah decided to make another important move in her career, she moved to the United States for good, to continue her career internationally, but this time, bringing to people a special vibrational moment, so she created a Show/Lecture where people could not just experience music, but understand the energy of it, so she created “The Vibrational Healing Experience”. She played at important events as “Art Basel” in Miami, also spoke at some important wellness events too, like “ World Happiness WeeK”.

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As her acting and artistic career never stopped, she got in 2020 the lead role on an American pilot series called "Night Fall”, shot in the US.

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During the last 3 years MILLAH has been dedicating her time studying the science of frequencies, vibrations, binaural beats, understanding deeply how we generate waves of frequencies and quality sound to really transform and immerse in a special sound experience, she became a scientist of it , and finally, she feels ready to fully share her gift through the meditation techniques, through her voice, guiding people through emotions generating a new understanding of communication with the universe, finding the best frequency to vibrate beautifully in this world. Through those researches, at the end of 2018, the idea of Youtunein started to form, and from May 2019 the company began, Millah built a team of professionals and developers to bring Youtunein to life. They built a Meditation App, based in science, technology and sound quality, Youtunein isn't only an App, it is a tool to transform people's life, to be added in our daily routine. 

She released the App in March 2021. The App is available in Apple Stores

and GooglePlay. Check it out!

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Millah's first musical performances took place in family gatherings when the 7-year-old girl already charmed her small audience by doing mini shows at her house. She used to build the whole scenario, pop corn, curtains on the walls, so people could really feel like in a theater.  By early adolescence she was already making her first compositions of songs and poems, she also wrote a book for her first boyfriend.

From a young age, she developed the ability of healing through frequencies, specifically through love frequency, however, she never had the intention to promote that part of herself before, as she was always seeking for answers, for God and clarity in order to help others, she decided to learn about many philosophies and religions to be able to see from different perspectives and go deeper within herself and decide how she would impact people's lives effectively and positively. For the past 12 years she has studied meditation practices and traditions such as Mindfulness meditation, Yoga, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Christians and Hinduism teachings.

“I feel like my life just have started” says Millah.