Connect With Your True Self.

Be a part of a virtual community, with access from all over the world.

Achieve alignment through vibration and start manifesting 
your desires! Develop a sense of calm, peace and balance 
that will benefit your emotional well-being and overall health.


Get familiar with the energy of who you really are. 
There is a beautiful journey available for you to explore. Let us help you to navigate through that path. Find guidance and alignment with Millah and the collective, learn how to TuneIn™ to your higher Self and express your full potential. Transform your life for the better and meet the best version of yourself.

Gain a new understanding of communication with the universe...

When we understand and integrate energy in this way, we can then begin to foster alignment in our own lives
How you generate energy, how it reflects in the world, how you can harness
& use energy to your advantage.
Your resistant points that are blocking you to succeed and clear obstacles, so
you can move freely into your new energetic field.
Your true self to be 
expressed so 
your full potential and purpose
 can rise. 
Joy, love, freedom, success, personal & spiritual growth. Attract the life you were born to live. You are the creator of your own reality.

This Is An EXTREMELY Value Packed Offer!

Here's What You're Going To Get...

1 Year FREE subscription to the YouTuneIn App

Existing members gain UNLIMITED access to YouTuneIn for One year. YouTuneIn has been referred to as "more than a meditation App." As well as "A personal empowerment daily tool which helps users understand and utilize 'Energy' to reach their full Potential

Weekly Monday Morning Meditations

Start your week off right by joining Millah live every Monday morning! Members will be granted access to LIVE Monday morning meditation sessions! This will help you align your energy for the week to achieve your intentions.

Monthly Private Online Q&A Sessions

If you have questions or need guidance along your interpersonal journey to
enlightenment, members will be granted access to exclusive offers every
month to get into private Q&A sessions with MillahIn addition you will get
access to previous recorded Q&A sessions. This resource is extremely valuable. This opportunity will give you a chance to have all your questions answered in a small, close knit group!


You're Also Going To Get...

Private Telegram Community
The beauty of this opportunity is that you will never be left out of the loop. Members get access to a private group chat that will update you about the in person and
online live event information. In addition to having access to exclusive live event details, you will also learn about exclusive offers and deals that only members have access to. Never miss out on important information!
Exclusive Gifts & Discounts
Being part of this amazing journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment grants you access to one of a kind content, like: downloadable meditations, video content,
exclusive gifts and discounts that can only be obtained through this unique, one of a kind experience with Millah. Let Millah walk you through aligning your energy and getting to know your true Self. Through this offer you
will gain access to never before seen deals and opportunities. Enjoy things like 50% off One on One sessions with Millah and discounts on in person
events and more!

Experience enlightenment through all that Millah has to offer.

Your extraordinary value awaits.

Total Value: $386+

One Year FREE YouTuneIn App Subscription
$88 Value
Live Monthly Group Calls With Q&A
$44 Value
All Previous Q&A Call Recordings
$111 Value
Exclusive Weekly Private Monday Morning Meditations
$33 Value
Access To Private Telegram Channel
$11 Value
Gifts, Coupons, and Discounts On All In Person Events
$197 in Savings

NOW: $88/month


Real People. Real Results.

Milena Barbosa, aka ‘Millah’, Is the Founder, CEO and also the voice of YouTuneIn. A force of positive energy and a successful serial- entrepreneur with 20 years of experience across music, film, dance, and energetic Healing. Her influence throughout Brazil and the US, along with her successful musical career and acclaimed live Vibrational & Transformational events, have created a unique platform (YouTuneIn App) to help usher in humanity’s next evolution.
Infused with various philosophical and spiritual teachings, Millah is on a mission to manifest individual and world-wide vibrational alignment by enriching our collective consciousness.

See the world from an
elevated perspective...

Experience the value of synchronicity within yourself and embark on a one of a kind odyssey through the world of mindfulness and equanimity.
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